About Us

"Emisha" is a non-profit tech community, that runs Free workshops, Special events, Seminars, Hackathon, Coding competitions etc. It also offers valuable leadership experiences, connections to professional organizations, networking opportunities, and special events that mold a student’s perspective and power of virtualization– during the college years and beyond. Our comunity is open to everyone who has a williingness to learn and passionate about tech. We also welcome those students who don't even belong to computer science so that can be a part of diverse network.

How we support diversity?

  • We also aim to onboard underprivileged sectioned students who need a platform to build or showcase their work in the field of AI/ML/VR/XR etc.
  • Encouraging mainly Girl Students and differently abled people to join communities learn, create and share knowledge to inspire other girls to develop themselves
  • Providing a safe sapce mainly to girl students to discuss and explore their knowldge.
  • Giving opportunities to girls and differently abled as mentors or speakers to share their experience and knowledge with others.
  • Learning and making learn people to work together under same and safe environment irespective of caste, creed, colour and discrimination between each other.

  • Our Group of Communities

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    Campus Experts improve the technology community on their campus.

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    Atlassian User Groups is a group focused on hosting meetups on DevOps, Project management tools.

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    This program is dedicated to assisting individual organizers of active mobile, web, cloud, and AI developer communities.

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    Crowdsource is intended to improve the of Google services by user-facing training of different algorithms.

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    JetBrains can support your user group by providing licenses of our products to raffle out at your meetings.

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    Figma is the first interface design tool based in the browser, making it easier for teams to create software.

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    MongoDB is committed to supporting local developer communities that organize MongoDB User Groups.s

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    A Mozilla University & College Club is a group of students with a passion for technology.

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    Major League Hacking, officially abbreviated as MLH, is a company that operates a league for student hackathons.

    Upcoming Hackathons

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    Are you a beginner? Does terms like Web Development, UI / UX, Blockchain, ML, AR / VR enchants you? We got everything covered. Join us at UtkalHacks and get your hands dirty. Get trained and build cool hacks.

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    National Innovative Project Fair (NIPF) 2019 is the 3rd edition of the annual innovation project exhibition. This two days long technological extravaganza will certainly excite the taste buds of future innovators.

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    Upcoming Events

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    DevOps with Atlassian

  • Introduction to Agile software development.
  • SCRUM principles
  • Managing remote team using Trello & Slack.
  • Introduction to Jira & Bitbucket Software.
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    MongoDB Bootcamp

  • MongoDB Basics
  • MongoDB for Node JS Developers

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    MLH LocalHost

  • Setup your Dev environment
  • Installing VS Code, downloading and testing an app locally
  • Learn basics of Node.js and Express
  • Build a HackerLog web app
  • Deploying seemlessly with Microsoft Azure.
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    NodeJS Bootcamp

  • Why Node JS?
  • Introduction to Node JS
  • Tooling & set-up
  • Node Basics
  • Introduction to Node Modules & NPM
  • Introduction to asynchronous programming
  • Build a Shopify with Node & Express
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    Get Groovy with JavaScript

  • Javascript fundamentals
  • Build awesome hacks with JS
  • Modern JS

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    Blockchain 101

  • Blockchain Foundations
  • Brief history of Blockchain
  • What is Decentralisation?
  • What is Ledgers and Distributed Ledgers?
  • What is Blockchain and How it looks like?
  • Hash functions, public key & private key.
  • Cryptocurrency in today’s world.
  • Knowing Smart contracts.
  • Bitcoin vs Ethereum.
  • Introduction to Ethereum.
  • Blockchain use cases.
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    Google AR Core

  • Introduction to AR/VR.
  • AR core overview.
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    Get Involved with us and Start your own Emisha Chapter.

    Emisha is an independent tech community that organizes free workshops and hackathons in different colleges to empower technology among students.

    Here is a chance of opening your own Emisha Chapter in your college campus and conduct workshops and hackathons in support with Emisha Community


  • College Student - 18+ age, who can pair with a faculty member, access to venue, have a team of alteast 3-5 members.


  • Classroom - Space to host the event, such as a classroom, library, or computer lab.
  • Technology - Computers & Internet connection for each member.
  • Facilitators - Two volunteers who have 2-4 hours per week to lead the Chapter through the curriculum and communicate with Emisha members.